Christmas Shopping


Isn't it funny how the weather can affect us?  When it is sunny, we seem so much more alive.  At least, I do.  I have more energy and don't mind it when I have work to do.  But when it's raining, I'm the opposite.  I really don't want to do anything.  That's when I think I should put on my "jammies" and curl up with a good book.  I know we need the rain to help things grow; but why can't it rain when we are sleeping? I also don't like the extreme cold and snow.  Why does it need to be so cold and who needs snow?  We moved to Vancouver Island from Ontario and I thought we would be avoiding much of the snow and cold.  But no, it seems this is going to be the coldest winter on record here on the island and probably quite cloudy as well.  I think I need to find a few good books or perhaps I'll write my own.


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