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I just read something in the newspaper that shocked me.  It said that cancer deaths are rising faster than the rate of population growth.  Wow!  I don’t know why I am so surprised.  It seems almost everyone you talk to has had experience with or knows someone who has or had cancer.   The article stated that nearly half of all Canadians get cancer, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, which would make the figure even higher.  According to Statistics Canada, sixty-four percent of cancer patients die of the disease.  That is astounding considering all the billions of dollars that is being raised to eradicate this disease.  Perhaps Dr. Linus Pauling was correct when he said, “The war on cancer is largely a fraud.” 
Considering all of this I am truly blessed to be a survivor, not once but twice.  Praise God. 


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Neil MacDonald

I too am a cancer survivor. It is so nice to see others afflicted with this disease talking openly and writing about their experiences. As I have stated in my blog, a few times, talking about this disease to family and friends is good therapy. I know that my blog has helped me better understand and accept this disease.

Keep up the good work.

Christine Bauch

Hi , I enjoyed your article you inspire me.Iam dealing with breast cancer and its been a long road. Sure could relate to alot of what you said. I sure would like to know some of the things you've done. Any hope of ever talking to you about it? I too am looking for survivors, Thank-you , Chris

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