Just recently, I had to take my computer in to have it serviced.  You would have thought that I had to leave my right arm.  I felt so lost without it.  I have talked to other people who have felt the same way.  It's like leaving a part of you behind. Fortunately, I had my husband's computer to check my e-mail but to do anything else just felt wrong.  Of course, he is a PC guy and I have my MacBook.  But how is it that anyone can become so dependent on a piece of technology?  Years ago my parents did just fine without a computer.  But now, even they do their banking on it, play all kinds of games and correspond with email.  My grandson, who is 4, has a pet cat and dog that he takes care of on the computer, as well as play all kinds of games.  My 2 yr. old granddaughter loves to pop bubbles on the machine.  I use my computer for everything from running a business to finding the latest fashions.  I use it to find recipes and the latest information on health issues and products.  It seems the computer has wiggled its way into all areas of our lives and it's here to stay.   


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