I do love flying.  Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more time consuming.  I am currently on route to Memphis, Tennessee for a business conference.  While going through security, I had to remove my shoes and then again in Seattle.  So much for clean socks!   Then, I had to wait while they checked my computer.  I also had some gels and hand lotion in a small baggie that was a little suspicious.   Next, customs.  Where are you going and why?  Did you know that they fingerprint some people.  Now, I am waiting for my connecting flight to Minnesota, 4 hours from now.  Then, I have an hour wait for my next flight to Memphis.  However, I am sure the time will go quickly. It is entertaining to watch all the people coming and going.  Some are chatting excitedly, some look lost and then some look tired.  Most are just sitting and waiting like me.  I'm probably going to look pretty tired myself as I am flying the red eye specials tonight.  But it is pretty amazing when you think that you can fly almost anywhere in the world in a short amount of time.   


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Elaine Cooke

Hi JoAnne, I don't know if I told you that I'm a cancer survivor as well. It's funney when my husband told me I had cancer when I got home from work. It didn't seem to bother me at all. i found my husband crying and I went and consolled him and brushed away his tears and told him that I wasn't the first person getting this desease and that I wouldn't be the last and that they would fix me up. So I always had a possetive outlook.I was diagnosed in May of 2004. And I see we are from the same mold in alot of ways. to bad we live so far apart being in the same province and all. Have a nice day. Elaine Cooke

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