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January 2008

Stay focused

Wow!  I have just finished 2 days of learning ways to promote my business, Nutronix and the Berry Tree, on the internet.  One way is to use a blog.  As you can see, I am doing that.  Another is to write articles and get them posted.  Well, I just wrote my first article on being a survivor.  It was a fun thing to do so we shall see what happens with that.  There were so many things that they talked about, like lead capture pages, signature files, forums, traffic exchanges, my space, squidoo and pay per click.  These are just a few ways.  It's amazing what is out there.  This weekend really opened my eyes to what you can do.  However, I think the best advice was given at the end and that is to take it one step at a time and not try to do everything at once.  Decide on a plan and stay focused.  I guess that's true about anything that we do.

Let's continue talking about flying.  So much for the short amount of time that I said it takes to fly.  I'm the one whose looking tired now.  Last night I waited in Seattle for 4 hours to board my flight at 12:40 p.m. only to be de-boarded because they had a technical problem with the plane.  They had to bring another plane from a hangar.  We left Seattle an hour and a half later.  Consequently, I missed my connecting flight in Minneapolis (mistake last night, I said Minnesota, guess I was tired then, too)  In Minneapolis, they put me on a later flight; but it was overbooked and they were asking people to give up their seats for a free flight to the tune of $300.  Not a bad idea, but I decided not go go for it.  As it turned out, I arrived in Memphis 4 1/2 hours later than originally expected.  I do not sleep well on planes and so I have been up for a very long time.  I usually have trouble sleeping at night but I suspect tonight will not be a problem.  For my inconvenience, Northwest Airlines did give me a $10. food voucher which I promptly used.  They also gave me a $25.00 coupon and 2000 airmiles towards my next flight with them.  We shall see!


I do love flying.  Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more time consuming.  I am currently on route to Memphis, Tennessee for a business conference.  While going through security, I had to remove my shoes and then again in Seattle.  So much for clean socks!   Then, I had to wait while they checked my computer.  I also had some gels and hand lotion in a small baggie that was a little suspicious.   Next, customs.  Where are you going and why?  Did you know that they fingerprint some people.  Now, I am waiting for my connecting flight to Minnesota, 4 hours from now.  Then, I have an hour wait for my next flight to Memphis.  However, I am sure the time will go quickly. It is entertaining to watch all the people coming and going.  Some are chatting excitedly, some look lost and then some look tired.  Most are just sitting and waiting like me.  I'm probably going to look pretty tired myself as I am flying the red eye specials tonight.  But it is pretty amazing when you think that you can fly almost anywhere in the world in a short amount of time.   


Just recently, I had to take my computer in to have it serviced.  You would have thought that I had to leave my right arm.  I felt so lost without it.  I have talked to other people who have felt the same way.  It's like leaving a part of you behind. Fortunately, I had my husband's computer to check my e-mail but to do anything else just felt wrong.  Of course, he is a PC guy and I have my MacBook.  But how is it that anyone can become so dependent on a piece of technology?  Years ago my parents did just fine without a computer.  But now, even they do their banking on it, play all kinds of games and correspond with email.  My grandson, who is 4, has a pet cat and dog that he takes care of on the computer, as well as play all kinds of games.  My 2 yr. old granddaughter loves to pop bubbles on the machine.  I use my computer for everything from running a business to finding the latest fashions.  I use it to find recipes and the latest information on health issues and products.  It seems the computer has wiggled its way into all areas of our lives and it's here to stay.   


I just read something in the newspaper that shocked me.  It said that cancer deaths are rising faster than the rate of population growth.  Wow!  I don’t know why I am so surprised.  It seems almost everyone you talk to has had experience with or knows someone who has or had cancer.   The article stated that nearly half of all Canadians get cancer, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, which would make the figure even higher.  According to Statistics Canada, sixty-four percent of cancer patients die of the disease.  That is astounding considering all the billions of dollars that is being raised to eradicate this disease.  Perhaps Dr. Linus Pauling was correct when he said, “The war on cancer is largely a fraud.” 
Considering all of this I am truly blessed to be a survivor, not once but twice.  Praise God. 

Take a Break

Have you ever had so many things to do that you didn’t know what to do?  That’s me today.  I have housework that needs to be done.  I have a business that I am trying to get up and running.  I am working as a part-time preschool teacher, as well as being a wife, mother and grandmother.  I babysit a couple of mornings a week for my daughter.  Just recently, I worked in a specialty store on my afternoons off.  On top of all this, I am writing a book about my experiences with cancer.  So, what should I do?  A very wise friend of mine once said, that when she has so much to do that she doesn’t know what to do, she does nothing.  That sounds likes a pretty good idea to me; so that’s just what I’m going to do.  Nothing!  I’m taking a break!   

Well, tonight I am just chilling before I go back to work tomorrow at the preschool.  Actually, I have been working over the holidays in a specialty store.  They sell sweaters , scarves, hats, mittens and socks plus many other items native to Peru.  This is something that I haven't done before and it has been quite an experience.  It is fun meeting people and chatting with them.  I found out that most people are very pleasant.  The store only accepts cash or cheques and I was quite surprised that most people do carry cash these days.  It surprised me; because I for one only use plastic.   Lots of people do the same and did have to go to the nearest bank or ATM machine.  But the majority had cash.  Just an interesting note.

So tonight I am sitting here relaxing.  It has been a busy holiday, but very refreshing.  Doing something that you don't normally do is almost like taking a vacation.  They too are busy, but most enjoyable.  That's enough rambling for now.