Stay focused

Let's continue talking about flying.  So much for the short amount of time that I said it takes to fly.  I'm the one whose looking tired now.  Last night I waited in Seattle for 4 hours to board my flight at 12:40 p.m. only to be de-boarded because they had a technical problem with the plane.  They had to bring another plane from a hangar.  We left Seattle an hour and a half later.  Consequently, I missed my connecting flight in Minneapolis (mistake last night, I said Minnesota, guess I was tired then, too)  In Minneapolis, they put me on a later flight; but it was overbooked and they were asking people to give up their seats for a free flight to the tune of $300.  Not a bad idea, but I decided not go go for it.  As it turned out, I arrived in Memphis 4 1/2 hours later than originally expected.  I do not sleep well on planes and so I have been up for a very long time.  I usually have trouble sleeping at night but I suspect tonight will not be a problem.  For my inconvenience, Northwest Airlines did give me a $10. food voucher which I promptly used.  They also gave me a $25.00 coupon and 2000 airmiles towards my next flight with them.  We shall see!


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Elaine Cooke

Love the comments on staying focused, Joanne

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