Christmas Shopping
Take a Break

Well, tonight I am just chilling before I go back to work tomorrow at the preschool.  Actually, I have been working over the holidays in a specialty store.  They sell sweaters , scarves, hats, mittens and socks plus many other items native to Peru.  This is something that I haven't done before and it has been quite an experience.  It is fun meeting people and chatting with them.  I found out that most people are very pleasant.  The store only accepts cash or cheques and I was quite surprised that most people do carry cash these days.  It surprised me; because I for one only use plastic.   Lots of people do the same and did have to go to the nearest bank or ATM machine.  But the majority had cash.  Just an interesting note.

So tonight I am sitting here relaxing.  It has been a busy holiday, but very refreshing.  Doing something that you don't normally do is almost like taking a vacation.  They too are busy, but most enjoyable.  That's enough rambling for now.


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