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This bugs me!

Earlier in one of my blogs, I said that I love shopping, Christmas shopping.  I do love shopping, even grocery shopping.  It usually takes me a long time as I carefully read all the labels, especially if it is something that I haven't bought before. But I enjoy it.  Today was an exception.  I had my grandchildren, 4 yr. old Tyler, and 2 yr. old Tava, with me.  I only needed to get a few basics, bread, milk, butter, etc.  My grandchildren love to help and enjoy pulling the little carts around.  As we pick up things, it's a great opportunity to talk about healthy eating.  But, when we get to the checkouts, it's a total nightmare.  My usually well behaved grandchildren are at the level where they can see and grab all kinds of goodies.  I can most often reason with Tyler, but Tava, forget it.  Therefore, as I am trying to check out and pay for things, you can just imagine the scene that is being played out.  It's the same at almost every store where they sell chocolate bars and gum, etc.  Why I ask myself must they put them at that level?  Oh, I know, it's good advertising; people see it as they leave and will pick it up.  But it bugs me! I do remember shopping once in a store that advertised no candy bars, gum, etc. in this check-out aisle.  What a great idea!   


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Stephanie Haile

I agree 100% and there are studies right now on why our children in America are overweight? Silly really...I would love to see this change as well...Right On Joanne!


They do it because they know the child will see the chocolate bar, want the chocolate bar and then do anything they possibly can to get it. Perform and scream - and that more often than not you will buy it just to keep the peace. And stop everyone looking at you as if you are the monster lol
It is well done!

Daniel Huffman

This is the USA, a marketing nation; you know it is when you watch 10 min. of a 30 min telecast, and the other 20 min is ad's.

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