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Punta Cana

It's Vacation Time!

Today, I have been so busy running around trying to tie up loose ends before I go to Ontario, tomorrow.  We will be away for 3 weeks, and during one of those weeks we will be at a lovely beach resort in Punta Canta, in the Dominican Republic with my daughter and her family.  We leave very early in the morning; so I should probably be in bed early, tonight; but I can guarantee that isn't going to happen. 

Going away for a vacation should be fun.  Unfortunately, getting ready is such a drag.  It seems there are so many things to do.  Make sure the bills are going to be paid while you are away.  Arrange for your mail to be taken care of.  Be sure that any weekly commitments have been notified.  Decide what clothes need to be taken and if necessary get some new ones.  I for one needed a new bathing suit as I am bigger this year than last year and that's a good thing in my case.  Empty the fridge.  Get my hair cut.  Get someone to watch your house.  Catch up on some business and/or emails.  Then, there is the don't forget list of things.  Don't forget to take the passports, the camera and charger, our sunglasses (prescription, in my case), our sandals and even boots this trip, the out of province health insurance and of course the computer with it's charger.  Is there anything else?  Ahh! Don't forget to turnoff this, unplug that, call "so and so" and figure out what to do with the garbage for 3 weeks. 

In my case, I also have to clean the house.  I don't know about you; but I cannot go on vacation and come home to a house that isn't clean or tidy.  Usually, we pack so much into our vacations that we come home tired.  The last thing we need to do then, is clean the house.  Enough chatting, must keep going. 


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Stephanie Haile

Wow! The music is brilliant, feels like you have settled right into this...;) I really enjoy visiting you on your site Joanne..

I know what you mean about the "Getting Prepared" for the vacation trip..LOL :)

But, also agree with coming back to an orderly home... Have a brilliant time and God bless..

Elaine Cooke

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Nice blog, Joanne, I hope you enjoy your vacation

Elaine Cooke

Liked your article on Building relationships,Joanne.

Dalton Haile

Elvis Is Awesome...Thanks for the great music!

Stephanie Haile

Hey Joanne!!!! You got a Google page rank of 2! Sweet! You go!!!

Elaine Cooke

Have you tried the Shu Li pouches yet? Joanne. They're great for anything sore on your body.

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