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 My husband and I have just returned from a cruise to Alaska aboard the Celebrity Infinity and it was fabulous.  The weather could have been a little more cooperative as we had a couple of rough days at sea and rain in Alaska.  I also experienced a bit of sea sickness; but otherwise the trip was fantastic.  This was my first time ever on a cruise ship and I was impressed to say the least.  Whatever you think you may need or want to do, it is probably available.  They even had my favourite game, Sudoko, available everyday in the library.  The food was excellent and the service was second to none.  We had staterooms with a balcony.  Fresh fruit and flowers were delivered everyday. Our bed was turned down for us every night and a light turned on and I mustn't forget the chocolate put on my pillow.  I took my new hydration bottle and everyday it was filled for me with fresh water.  We had a complimentary bottle of champagne to greet us and also a large tote bag with leather straps and a zipper.  The entertainment on the ship was top-notch. There were so many things going on everyday to occupy your time. My sister and her husband accompanied us on this trip and we were all  amazed at the amount and variety of activities available each and every day.  We watched a master carver make birds and flowers from fruits and vegetables; we made oragami birds and learned some new dance moves.  Wynn took in a few computer classes and I went to a stretching class every day as well as visited the spa a few times.  For those who have never cruised before and are thinking about it; don't wait.  You will have a fantastic time. 


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Isn't it wonderful to be able to stop for a period of time and allow ourselves to "cruise"?

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