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There is so much hype about detoxification these days and most of it deals with what we should or should not put in or on our bodies. I believe there is another aspect of detoxification that deals with our mind and emotions.  I have dealt with a lot of "stuff", if you can call it that, during my years with cancer.  I was hoping that I would not have to worry about that "stuff" any more.  But I don't think that is the case.  Detoxification is an ongoing process that needs to take place regularly.  I know that I am a very strong willed person and have been called stubborn on occasion, but, nevertheless, I tend to keep things inside to keep the peace.  I don't always lay things out on the table.  This can be a good thing; but it can also be very harmful, especially if we turn things inward.  We can start to blame ourselves and wonder what we could or should have done differently.  

Also, we fill our minds with so much "stuff".  We need to do a regular housecleaning to see if what we are hanging on to is really important.  I remember reading a book once entitled, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".  It's true, so much of the stuff we worry about is pointless.  It's not worth it in terms of our health and well being.  If you can change something, then do it.  If it's really not that important, then accept it.  If forgiveness is needed, then give it; or apologize if you need to.  Get rid of the worry and stress.  Also, try decluttering your minds of useless stuff by writing things down and keeping it close by.  Don't try to remember everything, only to feel guilty because you forgot.  And finally, for the perfectionist out there, me, if someone else offers to do something for you, let them do it.  Don't try to do everything yourself, just because you can. 

Get out and enjoy your life.  It is yours to enjoy and I believe that's what God wants us to do.  Don't worry about the past or even the future.  There's nothing wrong with making plans or looking back; but fretting or stewing about what may happen because of it is wasting precious time and energy.  Use that time and energy to go for a walk or visit a neighbour.  Read a good book or take an exercise class.  Try something new.  Whatever you decide to do, relax and enjoy it.  Your mind and body will be glad you did.


Let me say upfront that I am not a gardener.  However, today I spent a few hours in our vegetable garden, pulling out weeds and much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. I was very proud of my accomplishment and continued to do some other trim work around the yard.  I "dead headed" some flowers and watered a few plants.  It was a good day; until my husband came home and said "Where are my parsnips?"  I guess they looked like weeds.


Canada Day

Happy Birthday, Canada!
Last night we had music in the park, followed by fireworks over the water, in lovely Sidney, B.C.  Today we had a parade and I participated in it by walking with a group of ladies to promote Curves,  It was fun to see my grandchildren on the side sitting and waving to Grandma.  Afterwards, we had a lovely picnic at our house and just enjoyed the beautiful sunny day here on Vancouver Island.  Hope you had a great day as well.

Travelling Again

We just returned from a 10 day tour on our motorcycle around the beautiful country of British Columbia.  We were fortunate enough to have sunny weather every day, with some days souring to 38 degrees Celsius; a little too hot when you are wearing leathers.  We camped in a different spot every night and did some sight seeing  along the way.  It's good to be home; but I can't wait until we can get out again.  I think traveling on a motorcycle is a great way to experience the sights and sounds of different areas.
Did you know that Canada has it's very own desert areas?  It is in Osoyoos, B.C.  It has been designated as a desert area because of the very low precipitation throughout the year and the higher temperatures.  Even though it is surrounded by mountains on all sides, they receive very little snow during the winter time and less that 6 inches of rain a year.  (I believe that is what I was told.)  As well as the usual bear, deer, coyotes, etc. it is also home to many rattlesnakes in the bush areas, not in the town.  It is home to many older people during the winter months as they escape the snow in their own areas.  It's only livelihood is tourism.