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Sleepless in Sidney

It's late; approximately 2:00 a.m.  I just can't seem to sleep.  Do you ever have a night like that?  What causes it?  Please don't tell me it's my age. Anyway, I had a busy, productive day.  I was tired when I went to bed and I fell asleep quickly.  But 3 hrs. later, I'm awake and since I couldn't get back to sleep, here I am rambling on my computer.  I don't have anything much to say except I should be sleeping.

Perhaps, I am thinking about our trip back to Ontario.  There are so many people that we haven't seen for quite a while and it will be good to see them.  As well, I can't help but think about my brother, Bill. 

Where does all this cancer come from?  I am convinced  that there is no real answer.  Many factors can play a part; such as what we eat and drink.  It is important to participate in some form of exercise regularly and get plenty of rest.  It is also very important to eliminate the stress from our lives.  Making time to relax is paramount.  Unforgiveness, resentments and unresolved issues are also key factors to our health.  Then, there is the issue of an accumulation of radiation in our lives.

While these may be factors affecting our susceptibility to cancer as we age, what about babies and children? 

Well, enough said.  I'm going to try to go back to sleep.


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