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December 2008


And yet again, I read another article about a cancer breakthrough that was struck down by the FDA.  And I quote,

"In 1996, the senior oncologist at a prominent New York hospital rocked the medical world when he developed a serum that "shrank cancer tumors!"  90 minutes later they were gone...   Headlines hit every major paper around the world.  Time and time again this live saving treatment worked miracles, but the FDA ignored the research and hope he brought and shut him down.  He was not only shut down--but also forced out of the country where others benefited from his discovery."

When I read articles like this I get very angry.  Why should this be?  Should we not be given the opportunity to decide for ourselves if we would like to try another treatment instead of the traditional chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery?  Instead, most people are not even aware of other cancer treatments that can and have proved effective. 

I, for one, would really like to see this change.  Receiving information about different types of treatment should be readily available to everyone.

I was fortunate in my journey that I was able to take time off work and search out alternative therapies to treat the cancer I had.  I felt some sense of control which was very important to me in my recovery.

The flu

Yikes!  Someone just told me of a 14 day flu.  Sure hope that's not the kind that Kameelah and I have.

It has been 5 days since the flu hit me and I am still under the weather.  I took gravol yesterday to help me get through the day; but it didn't help a lot and I didn't want to take it today.  So I sent my husband out to get a homeopathic remedy, nux vomica.  It has definitely taken the pain right out of my stomach.  I still have a dull headache and I feel weak.  But, I am hopeful that with this remedy I am going to be better sooner than later.  At least I felt like eating something tonight.  Kameelah is still under the weather as well, but at least she is getting some fluid and food in.  We have been quite concerned about dehydration in her, as she is so tiny.

We were able to delay their flights by a day and a half and are hoping that she will be well enough to travel on the 31st of December.


Why is it that something will bother us one time and not the other?  Is it because we didn't have enough sleep and therefore, we are tired?  Is it because we've just had enough and have reached our max that day?  Is it because we're doing something we really don't want to do; but think we should?  I just can't figure it out.  It's very frustrating to those around us, who can't figure it out either.  Is this where patience is supposed to come in?  tolerance?  I'm tired of playing this "yo-yo" game.  Is there such a thing as consistency between two people?  where our reactions would always be the same?  Possibly!  I'm definitely not there yet.


Christmas, the joy, the laughter, great family times, lots of food and oh yes, the flu.  Unfortunately, this year, I came down with the flu on Christmas day.  I could not finish getting the dinner ready, let alone eat it.  I did manage to get through the unwrapping of presents, which I wouldn't want to have missed.  Jeff, Michelle, Kameelah and Keelan (the twins) are here from Ontario along with Alan, Tricia, Tyler and Tava.  They had so much fun this year.  But then, out of the blue, it hit me, the flu. 

This is a nasty strain and definitely not the 24 hr. kind.  It is now Sunday, 4 days later and I am still not up to par, I have not had any of the usual Christmas foods.  I don't usually get the flu, actually, I can't remember the last time I had it.  It has been so long.  Kameelah also ended up getting the flu and because she is so little, she had to be taken to the hospital in order to get fluids in her,  as she was becoming dehydrated.  You can just imagine how I feel; but, there is nothing that anyone can do, except weather through it.

Everyone is feeling a little cabin fever and that makes for some interesting dynamics.  We have not been able to get out and participate in any activities, like the boxing day sales.  Or, this year we had planned to go to Butchart Gardens and see their display of lights.  The cousins have not had a chance to play with each other either.

But, in spite of everything, we all agree it is good to be together.  I do hope that you are having a great Christmas with your loved ones.  In the midst of all your celebrations, do not forget the reason why we have this special time of year, the birth of Jesus Christ, God's ultimate gift to us.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.