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Cancer - Cottage cheese & Flax oil

As a former cancer patient, I spent a lot of time searching out alternative ways to rid myself of the dreaded disease.  I came upon the cottage cheese and flax oil diet by Johanna Budwig.  After reading a lot about her credentials and successes, I was convinced that this was something that I should do.  I gave it an honest try, at least I thought I did; but did not really seem to experience the results that I was looking for or that others had experienced.

I have recently learned that I did not prepare it correctly.  For anyone who is thinking about trying the Budwig diet, it is imperative that you blend the cottage cheese and flax oil properly.   Sandra Olsen has prepared a video showing the correct way to do this.  You can see this video by going to Google and typing in Budwig diet video.  Then click on the you tube video entitled Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese.

The following site explains the diet in detail and includes lots of other information that you might find helpful in following Johanna Budwig's protocol.  It also explains the science behind the diet and why it works.  I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did.


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