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Check out this article that appeared on Dr. Mercola's site today. 

Your Genes Remember a Sugar Hit
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
February 12, 2009 | 50,317 views

sugarHuman genes remember a sugar hit for two weeks. What’s more, prolonged poor eating habits could be capable of permanently altering your DNA.

A team studying the impact of diet on heart tissue found that cells showed the effects of a single sugar hit for 14 days. The cells switched off genetic controls designed to protect the body against diabetes and heart disease.

Regular poor eating could amplify the effect, with genetic damage lasting months or years, and potentially passing through bloodlines.

WOW!  Another good reason to cut back on sugar and sugar related products for sure.  I knew that sugar was considered to be food for cancer.  But this article explains the damaging effect of sugar on anyone.

You can go to Dr. Mercola's site to read the rest of his article.


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