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Since we have been back from Mexico, I have had some aches and pain in my hips.  So I began looking for a reason.  My mom has pain in her hips.  Is it hereditary then?  I did a week of spinning classes in Cancun.  Did I exercise too much?  We did a lot of walking, especially up and down the beach?  Was it too much walking?  I didn't eat the same as I do at home.  Could that be it?  Maybe, it was the sugar.  I did allow myself far too many sweets and what about those drinks.  Virgin or not, they were very sweet.  Actually, the fruit was very sweet and coupled with meals, not eaten alone, would be acidic as they were digested.  And lastly, is it something to do with arthritis or cancer, even?  Whatever, the reason I have pain in my hips. After a near fall and the nearly putting out my back, I decided to see my regular doctor.  He made a quick diagnosis and told me I have Trochanteric bursitis.  Really!   He said that there was a lot of inflammation and that a shot of cortisone would ease the pain.  I said, "No, thanks!"  I am not one to take any kind of pain killer, unless it is absolutely necessary.  So I decided to put myself on a non-inflammatory diet.  I had purchased the book, "The Inflammation Free Diet Plan" by Monica Reinagel awhile back.  I think I originally purchased it for my husband.  At any rate, I am impressed.  What a difference this book has made for me.  Every food has an IF factor, (inflammation factor) To get rid of or keep inflammation down, we need only to eat foods that have a positive factor.  Foods with a negative factor can be eaten in moderation.  The key is to have a balance by the end of the day. 

Not surprisingly, many fruits have a negative inflammation factor and most vegetables have a positive factor.  I love yogurt and it has a negative factor compared to cottage cheese which has a positive factore.  Anyway, it has been interesting watching and looking for foods to eat that have a positive factor.  But it has been worth it, my hips and knees are so much better.  As I am sitting here, I do not have any pain.  Check this book out for yourself or go on line and google inflammation diets.  You may be surprised, like I was.