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How was your day?

I did it again, today.  Lost my keys, that is.  I don't understand, I had them one minute and the next they were gone.   Where could they be?  Of course, I would be at my daughter's house.  I was getting my grandchildren and Chloe packed into the car to take Tyler to school and bring Tava to my house, after she and I walked the dog.  I picked up lunch bags, backpacks, etc. and I had the keys in hand, or so I thought.  Because, after everyone was strapped in, I couldn't find the keys. I was sure that I picked them up; so, they have to be here somewhere.  I quickly checked and sure enough, they are no where to be found.  I retraced my steps into the house and I still couldn't find them.  Realizing that there really wasn't a lot of time to look right then, I had to tell everyone to get out of the car; we have to walk to school.  Oh, did I mention that it was raining this morning?   Tava and Tyler got their umbrellas and off we went.  Neither were too pleased.  Tyler finally got up to speed with Chloe; but Tava was tired and complaining that we were going too fast. I thought we would never get there.  After, a very leisurely stroll home, I began the search.  First, I checked the car again.  Then, I looked everywhere else I could think of.  I searched everywhere that I had been, Tyler's room, Tava's room, the bathroom, etc.  I fed them breakfast; so, I even checked the cupboards and fridge.  How could they just disappear like that.  In my search, I did find the extra set of keys that I had given Tricia.  Thank goodness! I was not looking forward to walking Tava to preschool at lunch hour.  I gave up looking.  Tava went to school and Chloe and I went for our walk.  Later in the day, I picked up Tava and Tyler from school.  They played outside at the school with friends for about an hour and then we went home.  I had one last look when their dad came home and alerted everyone to be on the look out for my keys.  At the end of the day, when I was unpacking the car at home, I found my keys in the bottom of a shopping bag with a loaf of bread in it.  Go figure!  And how was your day?


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