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Do you have a cellphone?  If not, good for you, you are one of the few.  I didn't think that I would ever get one.  But a couple of years ago, after the muffler fell down on our car, and I couldn't find anyone home in the middle of the day, and at my families strong suggestion, I purchased one.

I have always been concerned about the dangers of a cellphone, having had cancer, myself.  I understand cellphones emit electromagnetic radiation in the same frequency range as a microwave.  This radiation is absorbed by human tissue in our head, as we place the phone next to our ear.  The problem comes with studies suggesting that long time use can lead to sleeping disorders, cognitive problems, headaches, stress, brain tumours, and cancer. 

However, now that I have one, I do appreciate the convenience that it allows me to have.  So what do I do?  Well, I use the speaker phone function; I text when I can and I don't carry the phone on my body.  I never use it, if a land line is available.

Perhaps, I needn't worry as much.  Other studies done on the use of cell phones say we have nothing to worry about; it's not a health risk.

But what about children!  teenagers!  I have written on this blog before that radiation accumulates in the body.  Do we know what the outcome of radiation from cellphones will be in 20 or 30 years from now?

This article was prompted when I read the following,

"Supporters of a Maine bill which would require cell phone manufacturers to put warning labels on mobile phones say that ignoring the health risks of heavy cell phone use invites a cancer epidemic.

David Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and Environment at the University of Albany, argued, "We can do nothing and wait for the body count. That's what happened with smoking."

The bill would make Maine the first state to mandate warnings that cell phones can cause brain cancer, especially among children."

It certainly makes you think, doesn't it?  How safe are cellphones?  Let's protect ourselves and especially our children and grandchildren.

How was your day?

I did it again, today.  Lost my keys, that is.  I don't understand, I had them one minute and the next they were gone.   Where could they be?  Of course, I would be at my daughter's house.  I was getting my grandchildren and Chloe packed into the car to take Tyler to school and bring Tava to my house, after she and I walked the dog.  I picked up lunch bags, backpacks, etc. and I had the keys in hand, or so I thought.  Because, after everyone was strapped in, I couldn't find the keys. I was sure that I picked them up; so, they have to be here somewhere.  I quickly checked and sure enough, they are no where to be found.  I retraced my steps into the house and I still couldn't find them.  Realizing that there really wasn't a lot of time to look right then, I had to tell everyone to get out of the car; we have to walk to school.  Oh, did I mention that it was raining this morning?   Tava and Tyler got their umbrellas and off we went.  Neither were too pleased.  Tyler finally got up to speed with Chloe; but Tava was tired and complaining that we were going too fast. I thought we would never get there.  After, a very leisurely stroll home, I began the search.  First, I checked the car again.  Then, I looked everywhere else I could think of.  I searched everywhere that I had been, Tyler's room, Tava's room, the bathroom, etc.  I fed them breakfast; so, I even checked the cupboards and fridge.  How could they just disappear like that.  In my search, I did find the extra set of keys that I had given Tricia.  Thank goodness! I was not looking forward to walking Tava to preschool at lunch hour.  I gave up looking.  Tava went to school and Chloe and I went for our walk.  Later in the day, I picked up Tava and Tyler from school.  They played outside at the school with friends for about an hour and then we went home.  I had one last look when their dad came home and alerted everyone to be on the look out for my keys.  At the end of the day, when I was unpacking the car at home, I found my keys in the bottom of a shopping bag with a loaf of bread in it.  Go figure!  And how was your day?

Cooking Vegetables

During the past 6 or 7 years, I have been a strong advocate of eating lots of raw food; especially vegetables.  Why?  Because I believed that the nutrient value was better for you.  I read and followed a lot of Hallelujah Acres material when I was first diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  The result for me was renewed energy and a cleaning up of my intestinal system, a pretty good reason to eat raw.   So, you would think that I would continue with the program.  However, that has not been the case, since my clear diagnosis.  For instance, I like my squash cooked; it's a "comfort" food.  Steamed vegetables taste great with just a little butter, etc. But I would feel guilty.  Well, they say you can find proof to support anything.  Today, I read an article, written by  Elizaabeth Johnson, PHd, a scientist at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science.  She stated that various methods of cooking vegetables can actually boost certain nutrients.  Actually, some of the healthiest plant pigments in vegetables are released only when they are cooked.  For instance, steamed spinach provides more carotenoids than a spinach salad.  That's good for me; I never did like spinach salad.  As well, boiling carrots causes the carotenoids, including beta-carotene, to become 14% more concentrated, making it easier for your digestive tract to access them.  Not only that, but boiling carrots, increases antioxidant capacity, while only diminishing the vitamin C level slightly.  If this is indeed true, then I feel it has great impact for people who have cancer or other serious illnesses.  During my years of living with cancer, I was always trying to find ways of not burdening my digestive system.  That is why I did not eat after dinner in the evening and I only allowed fresh squeezed vegetable juices in the morning.  I did not eat anything solid until at least 10:30 a.m. and then it was usually a fruit smoothie or snack.  So enjoy your vegetables, cooked and raw.


Here I am again.  I initially started this blog to keep friends and family informed of my shenanigans.  I also wished to be an encouragement to people who have cancer and let them know that there are survivors out there.  But, I just don't seem to find the time to write on my blog, as often as I would like.  Why?  Well, I am a busy person, working, babysitting and, well, you do need to sit down and take time.  However, lately, I blame the puppy.  Remember Chloe, well she is 9 mos. old now.  She wants to play all the time or at least have my undivided attention.  She follows me from room to room and plops down.  Even if I'm only there for a minute, it makes no difference.  As I leave, she gets up to follow me again.  Seriously, she's always underfoot or at least close at hand.  Understandably, she needs exercise and fresh air everyday; so, off I go to take her for a walk, rain or shine.  It's true, I benefit; but I have things to do.  We have a good sized backyard and after Wynn fenced it in, I thought she would play outside and get fresh air.  What was I thinking?  Of course, she wants us to be out there, too, or back in she comes, when we do.  I keep telling myself she's just a dog.  She should just lie and wait until I have time.  But have you seen her eyes, oh my; she can lay quite the guilt trip.  I wonder, where do dogs learn to sulk like that?   So, I am a slave to my puppy.   Now, before you get the wrong picture, I adore my puppy and she has brought a lot of laughter to our home.  I can't imagine my life without her now.   In addition, she has brought many challenges to us.  How do we carry her, in her crate, in the car, along with Tyler and Tava, our grandchildren who are in booster seats, plus Wynn and I?  We were almost thinking about trading for a crossover vehicle because of the dog.  Then, we gave our heads a shake.  Also, how do we get her to stop barking in her crate when we are in the store, or restaurant or for that matter when we leave her at home?  The biggest challenge, lately, has been how do we take her on the motorcycle, apart from the side kayak that is?  Well, we found the perfect solution which works in the car as well.  Hallelujah!  It was a lot cheaper than a new vehicle.  It's a 5 in one backpack, tote, car seat, shoulder carrier or a pull behind.  It's funny; Chloe picked it out herself, climbed in and made herself quite comfortable, while I was talking to the store vendor about what she might have for our motorcycle.  The best part is, it fit perfectly on the back of motorcycle as well as in the car.  I will try to put a picture up for everyone to see as soon as we get going.  It has been pretty cool here in B.C. lately.  Well, that's enough for now, I must really take myself, oh, I mean the dog for a walk.