I love working with children!  They are so straight forward and honest.  Just today, one of the little children asked me if I had my hair done.  I said, "no" and asked, "why?"  The little girl said, "Your hair looks a little more white and brown."  And I thought I was hiding the gray. 

On another day, one of the children asked how old I was?  I asked, "How old do you think I am?"  The response - "Well my mom is 28 and my dad is 30, so I think you are older, maybe 32?"  I'll take that.

Yet, another child's response was "Your face looks young but your hands are old."  I knew there was a reason why I shouldn't be washing dishes and cleaning.

It occurred to me today that I should be writing down all the funny things that the children say.  Who knows when I may need a good laugh in my obvious old age.

I will tell of one last story from my JK class one year.  It was the first day of school and I met the first student at the front door.  While we were waiting for the others to arrive, I asked, "Is that a new back pack?"  The response - "Yes, I got it for school."  I asked, "What do you have in it?"   He replied, "New shoes!"  "Oh!," I replied, "are they for gym."  "No," he replied, "They're for me!"

If you get the chance, hug a child today and tell them how wonderful they are! or for that matter anyone.  We are all wonderful in our own unique way.


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That was a great entry! I was just catching up on some entries that I haven't visited and realized that this May marks your blog's one year anniversary! Congratulations!


Am I crazy, loopy, or what? You've had your blog for FOUR years. FOUR YEARS! Wow - lots of great information here. Thanks.

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