Ah!  Spring!  At least here in B.C. on Vancouver Island.  Fresh air!  Sunshine!  And rain, rain, rain!!  It seemed that I was wearing my winter boots forever.  Now, I am already tired of wearing my rubber boots.  But wear them I must.  Walking the dog always seems to lead me in the muddiest areas of the country.  But the grass is growing and some of my flowers are up.  Wynn has actually even cut the grass already.  I am waiting for my lilac tree to bloom.  It is just outside my front door and whenever I go in or out, I get to smell the beautiful aroma. 

This spring will usher in my second retirement.  May 31st in fact.  I have tried to retire before; but to no avail.  I do love my job.  But it is time to focus on my husband who wishes to be able to pick up and go at a moment's whim.  I do find myself with an extra bounce in my step.  It will be great througout the summer and part of the fall.  But I wonder about next winter. Will I be content in my home all day?  I think not!  So I wonder.  Volunteering is certainly an option.  But where?  There are so many needs.  The cancer clinic has crossed my mind as has working at a youth center.  Possibly, even working in an orphange on a short term mission trip. I do like to sew.  I did make some really cute doll clothes for my granddaughters at Christmas time.  Lynn, a friend of mine, who works at Strong Start, a program for preschool children and their moms, liked the clothes so much that she hired me to make a few for the dolls in her school. So, maybe I will make some to sell at a Christmas craft show. 

What are my priorities?  I believe it is time to draw nearer to our creator, God, who is the source of all life.  He is my great comforter and I have no doubt that he will guide me into what I should be doing and what will ultimately give me the greatest joy.  In the meantime, I will keep on keeping on and enjoying everyday to the fullest.  How about you?


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