Eating Right?

Well, I have been here (in Ontario) for almost a month now and I am gaining some weight.  Why is that you say?  I can only say that it is very difficult to eat properly, when you are visiting.  I keep it simple and eat mostly whole foods when I am at home.  I shop daily, make green smoothies and eat lots of salads.  That is not always an option when you are a guest at someone's home.  Wynn and I have been visiting lots of family and friends and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  But it seems that everyone loves to serve special treats and they are ending up around my middle.  Help!  I don't seem to have the will power to say "No, thanks!"  The problem is that I do like sweets.  At home, I don't buy or even make sweets; but here, they are readily available.  Not only that, I have even been eating potato chips.  I would never eat them at home.  And it isn't because I am hungry.  What gives!  Why am I concerned?  And why do I feel guilty? 

It is because I know that what we eat has everything to do with our health.  When I found out that I had lymphoma cancer, my research convinced me to become a vegan.  I was overjoyed after a 2nd CT scan, 6 mos. later, showed that the tumors were beginning to shrink.  I also feel guilty because I know that I do the same thing when people come to visit me.  I make special desserts and offer more food than I would normally eat at any given meal.

What is it about food, that when people get together, it becomes the focal point?  In addition, aren't we all just a little guilty of overeating when we get together?  If anyone out there has any thoughts about this, I would like to hear them.



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