Praise Changes Things!


It's been one of those days!  where I didn't feel like doing anything.  Have you ever had one?  Well, fortunately, now that I am retired, I can do just that.  But, how do you do nothing?  I have to do something.  I certainly didn't want to eat all day.  I'm not into watching TV that much. I didn't want to sleep. I really don't like to exercise. I should walk the dog; but it's cold and rainy. What should I do?  Maybe, I'll read.

So, I decided to get on the computer and get caught up on a lot of e-mail that I have just set aside, to read, someday.  It is now 4 hours later and I don't seem to be making any headway.  One thing leads to another and I have been all over the web.  I decided that was enough. 

Some of you may recall I began writing a book several years ago about my journey with cancer.  I have been procrastinating lately and not written anything.  So, today, I decided to take a look at it and get going again.

Wow!  I know why I have been procrastinating.  It's a lot of work. There is so much to tell; so much that happened in my journey.  Everytime, I began to write I would think of something else that should have been included.  So back I would go and add or edit what I had already said. It's also important to keep at this a little everyday so that I don't forget where I am going and what it is I want to say.

I have a new found admiration for people who can write and finish something.  It is a mammoth job.  The good news is I think I'm half way, unless I get more revelation.

Well, this was a nice little diversion.  I'd better get back to writing, so I can tell myself that I did do something today.

Have a nice day! 




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