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You Just Gotta Dance!

I know I have written about dancing before.  But I am so excited that I must tell you what I am doing now.  I just started tap dance lessons.  That's right!  I had my very first ever tap dance lesson on Friday night and I can't wait to go back this Friday.  It was so much fun and low impact; so I don't have to worry about hurting myself.  At least not yet, it is a beginner's class and I was able to keep up with the steps so far.  I imagine that it can get a little trickier as we begin to put certain steps together to make a routine and I need to remember the order.  However, that will be good for me, too.  It will be another challenging exercise for my brain as well as sudoko that I enjoy.  Last week, I wore running shoes to class; but I am going to look for a pair of tap shoes as soon as I get the chance.  It will be a lot more fun, to actually hear a tap.  Of course, if I don't tap at the same time as others, it may be a little too telling.  Oh, dear!


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We made big pots of pasta and had spaghetti dinners; we had pre-party parties; we had TV watch parties; we had birthday parties; and we had Christmas parties. The photo is from one such Christmas party. It was 1995, and we certainly dressed the part. My closest friends and I baked cookies and breads and made dips and worked tirelessly on our little holiday party menu; we even had an annual ornament exchange. And aren't we cute?

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