Are Your Limitations Holding You Back?

Help! I just can't do it!

Purge that is!  I just can't seem to do it!

It seems like spring is in the air here on Vancouver Island.  We have had some beautiful sunny weather and warm temperatures over the last few days.  People are beginning to work outside in their yards.  My husband acquired a green house and is getting excited about starting his garden early this year.  My next door neighbour has been washing his windows.  And of course there is spring house cleaning, where people begin to purge things as they clean.  In with the new and out with the old, I guess. 

Now, I like spring cleaning.  But, try as I might; I just can't get rid of things.  I just rearrange or move things from one place to another.  When I think about purging, I am taunted with "Maybe, I better keep that; I might need it later."  or  "So and so gave me that, I can't give it away."  Maybe it's a young person's thing; my daughters have no problem purging. 

But purge, I must.  I think of my mom, who is 84, and will not throw away anything. She keeps empty boxes and tin cans; because they are pretty and she may use them someday.  Yikes, will I become like that?  I hope not; but I do keep the boxes that my appliances and other things come in; because, well, it might break down and I might have to send it back.  or What if we move, I will need them to pack things in. 

Oh dear, I do have a problem.  I must find a way to part with things; but I just can't throw them out.  Some are not really good enough to give away.  What do you do with those things?  I need to find the answer and the sooner the better.  They are rapidly becoming clutter, on my shelves and in my closets, and will soon find their way out!

I see clutter as not only a physical problem; but it can also translate into an emotional and spiritual problem.  Why, you say?  Because it's always on my mind and it keeps me from doing other more important things.  It's like a heavy weight that I just can't get rid of.

There, I've put it out there and now I see how silly I'm being.  Of course, I can do this.  It's important to my well being and those around me.  So, I'm off to purge! and get that good feeling.




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You're right! We don't! Though I think of one us has a little more of you than the other!


it's like making a decision, you just finally do it and you feel better after. just decide what you absolutely need and the rest someone else will probably use more than you!

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