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Clutter! - indecision?

Clutter!  I imagine that everyone deals with this problem at one time or another.  However, the following quote made me stop and think about my clutter.

"Clutter is the manifestation of an inability to DECIDE."

So that's my problem, I can't decide where to put things and so they don't get put away.  Why?  I ask myself. Is it because I don't have a place for it; not usually, it's because I can't find the right spot.  Therein lies another problem for me.  There is no right or wrong spot; I just need to put it away for goodness sakes. I need to 'get a grip'.

I must admit, the same thing applies to my mind.  It is often cluttered with things that I just don't make a decision about because I am concerned that I might make the wrong decision.  Whose to say what is a right or wrong decision?  So I delay making any decision.  The next thing you know it is either too late, or the situation is worse all because of indecision at the time.

Why is it that I can't make decisions quickly and promptly?   What is the root of the problem?  Sometimes, it is because there are too many choices, but more likely than not, it is the FEAR of making the wrong decision.

I need to get over this; it's not the end of the world, if I make a wrong decision.  You just learn from the experience, apologise to anyone you’ve hurt, make a new decision and keep moving.  Actually, I need to be more concerned about not making a decision at all.

 So, I'm off to make some decisions!

Even writing this post has been a sign of indecision - should I say this or that?  Does it matter, it is my post and I should be able to say what I want.  But what do I want to say?  Does this sound right ' what about this, I aks myself.  Ugh!