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A Vegan Lifestyle?

Well, yes, maybe!  I am considering being a vegan again.  Just recently, I found out that my cholesterol is high.  I have a fair to good range of HDL but my LDL is too high for the doctor's liking.  Apparently, because of family history, I am considered high risk for a heart attack or stroke.  It doesn't help that both of my carotid arteries are slightly clogged.  What's a girl to do? 

"Let's get you started on Lipitor." is my doctor's advice.  As you can imagine, if you know me, it was not received with much enthusiasm to say the least.  I did agree to try Niacin.  I am starting out small and have still not experienced any niacin flushes.  Thank goodness!

But, of course that is not enough.   I need to do something.  The first step is to exercise more.  I have been saying that I am going to do this for a very long time.  I start; but I am not faithful.  I need motivation; so I joined the gym, just around the corner from me.  Today, I worked on a machine similar to a stair stepper, only a little easier, she told me.  I lasted for 30 min, with a break every 10 min.  My knees were not happy;  but it was a start.

The 2nd step is, of course, my diet.  I think I eat pretty well; however, I do indulge more than not.  So, I am eating my last piece of pizza as I write this.  Then, I am going to try eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds for a while.  I am thinking my body will thank me; if only I can wrap my mind around it!



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