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January 2014

Home Again!

After 4 weeks in Uganda, it is good to be back home and see all my family and friends.  However, I find myself wondering what I should be doing with my life, now.  I keep thinking, if I were in Africa, I would be playing with the children or visiting with people, teachers, or even relaxing.  Here, I feel that I should be doing something and yet I don't know what.  Oh, I have a lot of things I could be doing and probably should, but it doesn't seem fulfilling. I look around and see all the stuff that I have and wonder what is it all for?  Why have I accumulated so much?  And yet, I know it is nothing compared to what some people have.  But I'm not really concerned with what other people have, so why, I ask myself again, do I have so much stuff?  Some of it does make my life easier and, dare I say, is almost necessary, in our culture.  We are so blessed and we have so much to be thankful for.  The question then becomes, Are we?  Are we thankful for what we have or are we always looking for more?  Am I a good steward of what I have been given?  Can I be content with what I have or will I seek more?  Does it make me happy?  Is that why I have so much stuff?  People in the area of Mityana and other villages have so little, and their lives are hard.  I think they would be shocked to see the amount of frivolous things that we spend our money on.  They spend their lives just making sure that they have enough food for their families and a shelter over their heads.  For many, it is a real strugggle to find extra to send their children to school.  We take so much for granted.  Many people in North America are in debt way over their heads.  There is an attitude of entitlement here, that we must have it now.  I'm not sure how I ended up in this discussion,  but I must find something worthwhile to spend the rest of my life doing and it can't be accumulation.  Looking in my china cabinet, I see that most of the special things it it, were bought on holidays.  Ahhhh! there is the answer!  No more travelling!  And I know what to do now - make dinner!!