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New Year's Resolution

Have you heard of the One Word resolution?  Actually, it is called #OneWord365.  I read about it on a Facebook post.  

Basically, the idea is to forget about new year's resolutions.  How many of us remember them after a few weeks anyway?  I know I don't and so don't usually make any.  However, this year I am excited about the idea to Choose just one word! That's it.     

You focus on one word, every day, all year long.  In essence, the word should sum up who you want to be or how you want to live.  On the website, it suggests that it will not be easy; you will need to be committed.  But if you let it, it will shape you, as it wil help to direct your decisions and guide your steps.

I have thought long and hard about what word I would choose.  Surprisingly, I chose "Die". What on earth do I mean?

Die to preconceived ideas that don't match up with who I was designed to be and therefore discover who I really am.  Die to selfishness in all areas of my life.  Die to perfectionism in my health, in my writing, in my relationships.  Die to procrastination, etc.  You get the idea.

How about you?   What word would you choose?



A New Year

It is time to get back to writing on this blog. I can't believe how long it has been.  Nevertheless, it has been an interesting year.  It began with a visit to Uganda which you can read about in my blog entitled  -

After, my return home we went to the Grand Canyon with friends, which you can also read about on this blog.  The remainder of this year has been all about me.  What do I mean?  Well, a few cancer tumours showed up in my belly.  So, I have been really careful about what I am eating and doing.  I decided, this time, to add Johanna Budwig's protocol of mixing cottage cheese with flax oil.  By itself, it is very yucky tasting.  But when you add berries, almond milk, some cinnamon and walnuts to the mix, it is actually very good.  It is also a very filling breakfast and gives you your protein right off the start. 

Another thing, I did this time around was to have a good look at my emotions, prompted by a book called "The Emotion Code."  I had several sessions with an emotion coach and to be honest, I did not think it was doing anything at all.  But, after about the 7th session, I felt lighter.  It is hard to explain; but it is seriously worth looking at if you have any type of chronic disease.  I have felt wonderful.  Indeed, I have checked in with the cancer clinic in November and everything looks great.  Whatever, I am doing, keep doing it. 

Then, just before Christmas,  I had an interesting development.  I got "Shingles"; the result of pushing myself to the limit, both day and evening, I believe.  But it was a very mild case and did not upset the wonderful time we had with our family.  My grandchildren were all together and we had so much fun with them.  

So this is another new year.  Folks, I have been talking about writing a book for years.  It was at the publishers, but I put it on hold to deal with this last health issue.  Now that everything is resolved, I can say, I am back at it again.  And hopefully, very soon I will have a copy in my hand to look at. 

For those of you who get to read it, I hope it encourages you to never give up.  That is my message.  The title of my book is "Twice: Lessons, Insights & Healing from Cancer!"