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August 2015

Be Active, Feel Good

Well, this has been a very busy summer for me. A trip to Ontario, hiking, biking, bowling, museum visits, our daughter's wedding and a family vacation up island, not to mention all the fun cooking and making cookies (no-bake) with grandkids has certainly caused my summer to be busy.  Being active and using up energy has even generated more energy in me and I feel good.  My body has responded with endorphins (feel-good chemicals) and I have felt truly happy. 

Now that the dust has settled and things seem to be getting back to normal around here; I am left with quiet and solitude, well almost.  My point is do I settle for that or do I continue being active and getting out.  I have discovered that for me, a cancer survivor, I need to be busy.  I need to be active and that makes me happy.  It is the satisfaction of having done something good for me and my body.  Afterwards I can bask in the satisfaction of whatever activity I have completed.

Today Chloe and I, my dog, walked for an hour this morning.  Now after completing a load of wash and hanging it on the line, I am going to read a little in my hammock and then.  Who knows?