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Our Current Situation

This is what I wrote over a year ago. but did not publish.  Still something to think about.

Wow!  What can I say about these times, last year and now 2021.  Families are being torn apart.  I am apparently not 'loving' in the things I say and post to my family members.  Really?  Wanting them to know what is going on is not being loving?  But alas, we see things differently, they say.  Many people have woke up to the fact that there is something going on that does not make any sense.  But not my family!  I am basically being told that for a smart person I am not very smart.  I wonder where I have heard that before.  Oh yeah, that is what my oncologist told me over 20 years ago and boy was he wrong.

People are asleep, blindly following exactly what they are being told - wear the mask, stay home, don't hug, no family get togethers, social distance 6 ft., take the vaccine, and on and on.  Where is this pandemic?  If this were a real pandemic, we would not be questioning it.  But many very knowledgeable doctors and scientists are questioning it.  One has to ask why?  Do they know something that we don't know?  Do we not owe it to ourselves to find out?  

Are there any real thinkers out there?  I wonder.  People are either too afraid to really research what is going on or just too busy to really care.  Or, they are fact checking anything that does not agree with what they are being told by our trusted health officials and government leaders.  So, who runs fact checker sites, oh, right they are funded by the powerful elite, those who have a vested interest in, for one, the vaccine.   Interesting!  

I have been told that our elected officials, etc. would never lead us astray.  Really?  Are they capable of telling lies?  Do they always act in our best interests? 

  • Taken to quarantine 'hotels' at a personal expense of thousands of dollars, being exposed to many people, when one can isolate safely at home, alone, is in our best interest.   Really?  Why?
  • Allowing people to congregate in places like Costco and bars is better for us than congregating in a church.  Really?
  • Decreasing our lung power by wearing a mask 7-8 hours a day is better for us than breathing fresh air.  Really?  
  • Taking a vaccine that is not really a vaccine and is experimental is better for us than letting our immune system fight it.  Really? 
  • Not allowing people to visit our loved ones in nursing homes is better for them?  Really?  Even if they are dying?  Why?
  • People being fined and dragged off to jail is better for us than letting them stand up for what they believe.   Seriously?
  • Need I say more?

No wonder there is more suicides, depression, abuse, mental illness and just plain lack of hope in so many people that things will ever go back to normal.   Is this anyway to live?  Where is the Canada I used to know and love?

It can be very disheartening and not very encouraging to keep thinking like this.  That is why I am so very thankful for our church leaders and the prophets who draw our attention to God and what He is doing.  This is a spiritual battle between good and evil.  And we have a part to play, in all of this.  What is it?  To pray and keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.  He will always be with us, this battle belongs to him.  Our job is to worship Him.





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