Our Current Situation

This is what I wrote over a year ago. but did not publish.  Still something to think about.

Wow!  What can I say about these times, last year and now 2021.  Families are being torn apart.  I am apparently not 'loving' in the things I say and post to my family members.  Really?  Wanting them to know what is going on is not being loving?  But alas, we see things differently, they say.  Many people have woke up to the fact that there is something going on that does not make any sense.  But not my family!  I am basically being told that for a smart person I am not very smart.  I wonder where I have heard that before.  Oh yeah, that is what my oncologist told me over 20 years ago and boy was he wrong.

People are asleep, blindly following exactly what they are being told - wear the mask, stay home, don't hug, no family get togethers, social distance 6 ft., take the vaccine, and on and on.  Where is this pandemic?  If this were a real pandemic, we would not be questioning it.  But many very knowledgeable doctors and scientists are questioning it.  One has to ask why?  Do they know something that we don't know?  Do we not owe it to ourselves to find out?  

Are there any real thinkers out there?  I wonder.  People are either too afraid to really research what is going on or just too busy to really care.  Or, they are fact checking anything that does not agree with what they are being told by our trusted health officials and government leaders.  So, who runs fact checker sites, oh, right they are funded by the powerful elite, those who have a vested interest in, for one, the vaccine.   Interesting!  

I have been told that our elected officials, etc. would never lead us astray.  Really?  Are they capable of telling lies?  Do they always act in our best interests? 

  • Taken to quarantine 'hotels' at a personal expense of thousands of dollars, being exposed to many people, when one can isolate safely at home, alone, is in our best interest.   Really?  Why?
  • Allowing people to congregate in places like Costco and bars is better for us than congregating in a church.  Really?
  • Decreasing our lung power by wearing a mask 7-8 hours a day is better for us than breathing fresh air.  Really?  
  • Taking a vaccine that is not really a vaccine and is experimental is better for us than letting our immune system fight it.  Really? 
  • Not allowing people to visit our loved ones in nursing homes is better for them?  Really?  Even if they are dying?  Why?
  • People being fined and dragged off to jail is better for us than letting them stand up for what they believe.   Seriously?
  • Need I say more?

No wonder there is more suicides, depression, abuse, mental illness and just plain lack of hope in so many people that things will ever go back to normal.   Is this anyway to live?  Where is the Canada I used to know and love?

It can be very disheartening and not very encouraging to keep thinking like this.  That is why I am so very thankful for our church leaders and the prophets who draw our attention to God and what He is doing.  This is a spiritual battle between good and evil.  And we have a part to play, in all of this.  What is it?  To pray and keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.  He will always be with us, this battle belongs to him.  Our job is to worship Him.




My vegan diet

Well, it has been a few weeks now into my vegan diet again.  I feel terrific, but I have lost 10 lbs.  Yeah!  some would say.  Not so for me.  I have lost it on my face and now it seems I have even more wrinkles than before!  Ugh!  So, what to do.  Get good quality products to plump up wrinkles?  Maybe!  Drink more water to hydrate my skin?  I'm already drinking about 2 litres a day.  That's enough visits to the bathroom!  Build more muscle weight to compensate?  Working on that.   

The funny thing about being on a vegan diet for me is I don't feel hungry.  My stomach shrinks, at least it must on the inside. I don't see evidence on the outside.  So, consequently, I don't eat enough and when I do I fill up quickly.   Aha!  I need a timer that tells me to eat often throughout the day.  I was carrying around energy bars or supposedly healthy food bars; but they are so high in sugar.  I'm going to have to work this out somehow, especially before I go to Uganda.  Apparently, people who go lose weight.  Yikes!

That's enough rambling for now.

Something about Nothing

I need to write more.  But often times, I sit and think!  What should I write about?  Coming up empty-handed many a time, I decided that today I would write something about nothing.  So here goes.  How do you do that?  Another dilema, but because it is about nothing, hey, I have nothing to lose.

Today it is hot; registering 31 degrees outside.  That is almost unbelievable weather for September and in B.C.  I remember when we came to Vancouver Island, approx. 8 yrs. ago; it took me 2 summers before I felt I could put on a pair of shorts. The weather was always a bit cool, it seemed. (even though some people wear shorts all year long out here).  Such a contrast to this year; it has been the best summer for lovely, hot weather.  That is, if you like it hot and I do. 

However, I am often not sure of what to do on days like this.  For one thing, I am not a gardener; I have tried and thought I would like it; but alas, I do not.  I do like to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I tried to take the dog for a walk; but she wouldn't go.  Really, she planted her feet firm and was very happy when I turned around to come back home.  Now what?

I decided to ride my bike.  I could hear my dog voicing her disapproval at being left alone, as I pulled out.  I rode down town Sidney.  As long as I was moving, there was a bit of breeze.  But when I stopped and waited for traffic, (there are a lot of 4 way stops in Sidney) it was very hot, especially with the helmet on my head. Perhaps, I should have headed down Lochside Trail.  At any rate, I came back home, to the somewhat cooler temperature of my house.  Thank goodness for insulation.  I am enjoying a nice, cool glass of water and writing this post. 

Now, I am going to read. No cooking, baking today.  I think we shall have a nice, big salad.  Perhaps, my favourite kale recipe!!  Yum!

 So what is your weather like, today?  What do you do on a hot summer day?

Clutter! - indecision?

Clutter!  I imagine that everyone deals with this problem at one time or another.  However, the following quote made me stop and think about my clutter.

"Clutter is the manifestation of an inability to DECIDE."

So that's my problem, I can't decide where to put things and so they don't get put away.  Why?  I ask myself. Is it because I don't have a place for it; not usually, it's because I can't find the right spot.  Therein lies another problem for me.  There is no right or wrong spot; I just need to put it away for goodness sakes. I need to 'get a grip'.

I must admit, the same thing applies to my mind.  It is often cluttered with things that I just don't make a decision about because I am concerned that I might make the wrong decision.  Whose to say what is a right or wrong decision?  So I delay making any decision.  The next thing you know it is either too late, or the situation is worse all because of indecision at the time.

Why is it that I can't make decisions quickly and promptly?   What is the root of the problem?  Sometimes, it is because there are too many choices, but more likely than not, it is the FEAR of making the wrong decision.

I need to get over this; it's not the end of the world, if I make a wrong decision.  You just learn from the experience, apologise to anyone you’ve hurt, make a new decision and keep moving.  Actually, I need to be more concerned about not making a decision at all.

 So, I'm off to make some decisions!

Even writing this post has been a sign of indecision - should I say this or that?  Does it matter, it is my post and I should be able to say what I want.  But what do I want to say?  Does this sound right ' what about this, I aks myself.  Ugh!



Another dull and rainy day here in B.C. on Vancouver Island.  What do you make of it?   Well, you could stay in bed for the day, curl up and read a good book or bury your head in the sand.  Seriously, though, if you let it, the weather or any unhappy circumstance in your life could get you down.  You may begin to feel a "grump" coming on or at the very least want to complain.  That's how I started to feel this morning.  Fortunately, I caught myself right away and remembered that this is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. Immediately, I began to smile and even sing. I had a great day, working a few hours at the preschool.  Later in the day, I had my annual check-up at the cancer clinic and was declared "cured" by the oncologist, who said he doesn't need to see me anymore. I am overjoyed.  And, yes, it is still a dull day and raining, but not on my parade.

Just Amazing!

It's an amazing thing to think of what Jesus has done for us!  We are a free peple; free indeed, from the bonds of sin, free to be who God created us to be; united forever with our creator; in relationship with the God of this universe!!  We have been given everything we need to live and enjoy our lives.  We can rejoice in any situation.  We don't have to get caught up in what people think or say down here on earth.  Let's get caught up in pleasing the Lord.  Let's rejoice in the glorious hope that lies ahead.  That's enough to make me leap for joy!

Help! I just can't do it!

Purge that is!  I just can't seem to do it!

It seems like spring is in the air here on Vancouver Island.  We have had some beautiful sunny weather and warm temperatures over the last few days.  People are beginning to work outside in their yards.  My husband acquired a green house and is getting excited about starting his garden early this year.  My next door neighbour has been washing his windows.  And of course there is spring house cleaning, where people begin to purge things as they clean.  In with the new and out with the old, I guess. 

Now, I like spring cleaning.  But, try as I might; I just can't get rid of things.  I just rearrange or move things from one place to another.  When I think about purging, I am taunted with "Maybe, I better keep that; I might need it later."  or  "So and so gave me that, I can't give it away."  Maybe it's a young person's thing; my daughters have no problem purging. 

But purge, I must.  I think of my mom, who is 84, and will not throw away anything. She keeps empty boxes and tin cans; because they are pretty and she may use them someday.  Yikes, will I become like that?  I hope not; but I do keep the boxes that my appliances and other things come in; because, well, it might break down and I might have to send it back.  or What if we move, I will need them to pack things in. 

Oh dear, I do have a problem.  I must find a way to part with things; but I just can't throw them out.  Some are not really good enough to give away.  What do you do with those things?  I need to find the answer and the sooner the better.  They are rapidly becoming clutter, on my shelves and in my closets, and will soon find their way out!

I see clutter as not only a physical problem; but it can also translate into an emotional and spiritual problem.  Why, you say?  Because it's always on my mind and it keeps me from doing other more important things.  It's like a heavy weight that I just can't get rid of.

There, I've put it out there and now I see how silly I'm being.  Of course, I can do this.  It's important to my well being and those around me.  So, I'm off to purge! and get that good feeling.